ANGELINA Red Clay Cleansing Booster & Mask

ANGELINA Red Clay Cleansing Booster & Mask

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Meet Angelina,

She is earthly, grounded, and will reinvigorate your skin! She is the perfect mask for aged skin that needs nourishment and skin tightening. She carries the acerola berry that helps to improve skin discoloration and reveals a youthful glow.


- Moroccan Red Clay
-Organic Rose Petals
-Organic Chrysanthemum
-Organic Wild Acerola Powder

Ideal for: All Skin Types


Dull / tired skin
Aging skin

The Angelina mask was specially formulated for skin that is aging, dull, and sagging. Moroccan Red Clay is a profoundly transformative effect on the surface. It can revive any skin that is dull and aging.  Our Piel Peel Rose extract is rich in vitamins A and C, helping to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our Angelina mask has high concentrations of the Acerola Berry, which has shown to improve the appearance of skin discolorations significantly. Lastly, our herb and flower extract help to retain skin firmness and elasticity.

How to use for cleansing booster application:

Add half a tablespoon of powder to any of your favorite cleansers then begin a normal cleansing routine.

How to apply mask:

Mix 2 small tablespoons of the mask with 1 ½ tablespoon of warm water or organic apple cider vinegar (makes the mask a bit more intense!) While mixing, it is best to use a glass bowl. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth paste. Add more Clay or liquid as needed. Apply a thick layer of the mask to the face and neck until dry. Drying times vary. For sensitive skin leave it on 5 to 7 min. If your skin can tolerate it, please leave it on 15 to 20 min or until fully dry.

Use once to twice a week.


Pelotherapy: the therapeutic application of healing clay.

Cruelty Free
(no roses were harmed in the making)