Piel Peel Products

The Inspiration starts back with my precious roses. When my grandmother passed away last October, I went back to Mexico to bury her along with my family. It was one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but my grandmother left a strong legacy behind of love, compassion, and a deep devotion to her family and flowers. While I spent time in her garden, I felt her close by. When I returned to Los Angeles, I wanted to still feel close to her, so I turned to my own garden. I realized that my roses were not blooming as beautifully as hers. So, every day I began to water, sing and spend time with my roses. In 3 months, they were the most beautiful roses in Los Angeles (in my opinion). They are my connection to my ancestors.

As I spent Sacred Sundays with them, I began to listen to my inner voice telling me it was time to develop my own skincare products using nothing but the best, what I cultivated in those three months. 

Through the PIEL PEEL Clay Cleansing Boosters/Clay Masks I am bringing forth the best organic clays, flower and herb combinations including my own organic rose concentrate. 

These products mean the world to me because I create them myself and each product is named and inspired by one of my very own fairy godmothers and of course, my grandmother. 

I was fortunate enough to have 3 madrinas (godmothers), Olga, Gracie, and Angelina. I can’t wait for you to experience their essence. 

All three masks help to target specific skin concerns. These products can be used as either a Clay Cleansing Booster that you can add to any cleanser to give you a deeper skin cleanse daily, or you can use them once a week as a clay mask. 

Lastly, as women we have very intricate relationships with our bodies, so I felt a deep pull to develop RAQUEL, a clay mask specifically formulated for breasts. 

My great aunt Raquel was the embodiment of femininity, she was breathtaking and is a true inspiration behind this mask. Having had multiple benign tumors that have led to surgery, has impacted my own relationship with my body. Therefore, I know how important it is to not ignore our bodies, they serve us well and skincare is not just about our faces, it is about ALL our being. 

While creating RAQUEL I researched the best detoxifying, firming, and exfoliating herbs that I have combined with the clays that I have grown to deeply cherish and know! I Invite you all to treat your breasts to an intimate self-care ritual that will help you love every inch of yourselves. 

Inspired by my Latina heritage, proud to be made in the United States.

100% Cruelty Free